About Us


Our company has a rich history of 25 years. The excellence name that we have today is not a overnight achievement. Day and night continues research on Heat Treatment of Gems for last 25 years made us as a giant in the category. Mr. Jayalal Premasinghe, the father of our company won the presidential gold award in 2018 ,under Gem heat Treatment category for strengthening and leading the researches of Gem Heat Treatments, which given by the National Gem and Jewellery Authority. All these awards and appreciations are just a small tip of appreciation for our vast service to the industry.

We have begun the heat treatment of Gemstones along with buying and selling of Gemstones in 1993 and we enlisted as an effective business in 2013. Further we are utilizing world’s standard logical learning and spending impressive sum for began Gem polishing office with 5 employees, today we have in excess of 70 employees and it is a division with a high labor. In addition, we have 100 plus contractors. The specialty of our association is that we cut, heat treat, and polish Gems those are greater than 5 mm. That is likewise identified as one of the world standards of calibrated sizes. We have adroit architects and designers who can cut Gems in various shapes such as Oval, round, cushion, octagon, marquise, pear, and heart. Our unstopping ongoing researches have given the best results for the industry and very successful proven production process today.

To accommodate several different requirements we have transitioned from manual hand-held machines to some automated machines in recent years; these replacements have brought efficiency, quality and state of the art technology. Our dedication and service is mainly focused on the betterment and contribution to the industry.